- How many records can I bring with me to swap?
  All the visitors of the UNDERGROUND EUROPE record fair and swap can bring in as many records as they can carry. If you need    a table because you have a lot of records or because it´s easier to give them visibility, you can also rent a "flying table" for as little      as 3 euros an hour.
​- What´s a "flying table"?
  A "flying table" is a table you can book just for an hour or a few hours, but not necessarily for the whole duration of the event. If you    don´t want to spend the whole day sitting behind a table with your records or you only have a certain amount of time to spare, you      can book 1 meter table for a certain time (for example from 2 pm until 5 pm) and then someone else will rent it. This gives people      more flexibility and also the chance to sell their own records for a very small fee.
- How can I book a "flying table" and what are the costs?
  You can book a table in advance writing to undergroundeurope@gmail.com or​ on the day of the event. The tables are given on          ​first-come-first-serve basis, so in order to be sure your table will be there waiting for you, it´s better to book early. The cost of a     
  ​"flying table" is 5 euros for the first hour and 3 euros for every hour afterwards. Your available space is 110 x 50 cm, which holds     
  ​about​ 2 LP boxes and 1 singles box comfortably. 
- Can I bring major label releases?
  We all know that many bands that released records on independent labels also released records on majors. Major label releases  
  are not banned from the fair, but are not our main focus. Therefore, if you are selling a mix of independent as well as major label
  vinyl, we have no problem with that. If your main focus is major label releases, this is probably the wrong place for you. 
- How much is the entrance fee?
  The entrance fee for the whole day is 3.50 euros.
​- What are the fees for the exhibitors?

  There are several options, based on the size of the table. For example, the full sized table costs 50 euros a day. There are also 
  ​cheaper options as well as the more expensive ones. For the list of prices please
 send an e-mail to: 
- When shall I register to participate UNDERGROUND EUROPE as an exhibitor?
  As soon as possible. The space in the hall is limited as is the number of tables.
- Can you help with accommodations?

  Yes, we can help, if you contact us timely. Here's also a website where you can see what the local accommodation options are in      Berlin: https://www.berlin.de/en/accommodation/
- What can I expect to find at UNDERGROUND EUROPE?
  You can expect to find a lot of used vinyl, a lot of new vinyl, record labels, record stores, private dealers, mailorders,... You'll find  
  punk, garage, industrial, hardcore, indie rock, crust, dark wave, noise, rock'n'roll, electro, doom, stoner rock, ska, emo, rockabilly,      metal, psychedelia, grind, etc.   
  You'll be able to find rare 80s hardcore from the US as well as the latest locally released noise band, as well as '77 punk as well   
  as 90s emo and so forth and so forth. You'll find expensive records, cheap records, rare records, just released records, 7" records,  
  12" records, obscure records, ... in short - a record heaven!
- How often do you organize UNDERGROUND EUROPE?
  UNDERGROUND EUROPE is a yearly event, so we organize it once every year.